Boat used by Dom Phillips, Bruno Pereira found

A boat used by British journalist Dom Phillips and Indigenous expert Bruno Pereira was discovered 65 feet underwater and weighed down with six sandbags amid an investigation into their murders.

Phillips and Pereira were traveling in the boat, through the he Javari Valley, in the far western side of the Brazilian Amazon, before they vanished on June 5. Working on a book about the region at the time, they were reported missing when they failed to arrive at their destination in Atalaia do Norte, a small town close to Brazil’s border with Peru.

A suspect arrested on Saturday pointed authorities to the location of the speedboat.

“The boat will be submitted to the necessary forensic examinations so as to contribute to a complete clarification of all the facts,” federal police said in a statement. “Investigations continue to clarify all the circumstances, the reasons and those involved in the case.”

So far three people have been arrested in the case, including Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira, who confessed to murdering the pair earlier this week. He directed authorities to where their bodies were buried and the remains have been confirmed to belong to the missing men. His brother, Oseney da Costa de Oliveira, was also arrested in connection with the case. They are both being held in a federal facility.

On Saturday, authorities announced the arrest of Jefferson da Silva Lima, known as Pelado da Dinh. He turned himself in at a police station in Atalaia do Norte.

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