Girl Scout cookie scammers sought on Long Island

The cops are trying to tre-foil this plot.

A man and young girl are reportedly taking orders—and money—for Girl Scout cookies that never arrive in Suffolk County, Long Island.

There have been 11 reported incidents, including some in which the girl took the money and orders alone without the man tagging along. They occurred between February and May, but were not reported until over the weekend.

Kevin Zasowski, of Patchogue, told ABC 7 the girl was 5 or 6 years old and the man stayed back on the sidewalk smoking while he ordered four $5 boxes and handed over the money.

“The Girl Scout Council of Suffolk County was saddened to learn that somebody would use the inherent goodwill of the Girl Scouts to take money from their neighbors under false pretenses,” the organization said.

Cookie-selling season ends in the spring and money is collected when cookies are delievered, the organization said. Scouts are supposed to be in uniform when selling, too.

“Anyone selling cookies at this point in the year is not representing our council and its efforts,” it added.

Those who were victim of the scam will receive cookies still, the county council said.

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