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Danbury, Conn.: If anyone still believes that the Democrats will win in 2022 and again in 2024 because they are morally better than the criminally tainted Republicans, I have a bridge to sell you. If you believe that Donald Trump and his insiders will be proven guilty of a variety of crimes beyond a shadow of a doubt, and because of that criminality, the Democrats will easily win the midterm elections and then the general in 2024 — yes, people, there’s that bridge again.

How can this be? Because things that used to be are no longer. These televised hearings depict, under oath, proof for the first time in the history of the United States that the president knew he lost the election yet wanted to remain in power and was willing to do whatever was required to do so. Was this grubby politics or provable events and facts? If you believed that tens of millions of people watched this historical event, I have another bridge to sell you. There were only about 20 million curious people who watched the first monumental hearing, whereas viewers for the TV show “Friends” averaged 24 million in its first year, 29 million in its second and 25 million in its third year. Seinfeld averaged 26 million viewers.

Bottom line: It will not be the entrenched parties — neither the righteous Democrats nor the who-cares Republicans — that decide the next two elections. Rather, it will be the thinking independents. Rich Glehan

Staten Island: Wouldn’t it be karma at its best if U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, who was dissed by Sen. Mitch McConnell’s refusal to give Garland the courtesy of a hearing for a potential Supreme Court appointment, is the man who brings down the former worst president in U.S. history, Donald J. Trump? The Supreme Court has lost its prestige and honor, not only by the leak of their position on Roe v. Wade before it is announced, but because an associate Supreme Court justice, Clarence Thomas, whose wife Ginni corresponds with John Eastman (who denies it, though evidence may come before the court) would be the lone dissent in the Supreme Court’s January order rejecting Trump’s bid to withhold documents from the Jan. 6 panel. Republican strategist Rick Wilson wrote a bestseller some years ago: “Everything Trump Touches Dies.” It has come to fruition. Michele Corelli

Bloomington, Ind.: It appears that a major portion of our legacy media is all in for the Democrats, promoting the idea that an insurrection against our government occurred on Jan. 6, 2021, planned, organized and incited by then-President Donald Trump because he didn’t accept the results of the 2020 election. Major FBI officials have said there’s no evidence to back up the allegation. What appeared to have happened was a riot involving a concoction of charged-up Trump supporters, opportunists and anarchists representing a soup of disparate agendas with no unifying goal. If you believe that our federal government might be toppled with nothing more than bear spray and some guys dressed like Vikings, then I guess your coup concerns are legitimate. These one-sided “hearings” are nothing more than a desperate political stunt. Democrats and their cohorts in the media are pulling out all the stops to help stave off a political massacre in November. Well, good luck with that. Scott Thompson

Lindenhurst, L.I.: All you Trump/Ron DeSantis delusionists better wake up and smell the coffee or in a few short years you will have the “gub’mint” you deserve and we will all be living in the USSA (United Soviet States of Amerika). Scott Daly

Staten Island: To Voicers Michael Barnhart, Libby Gurgis, Jim Miller, Jeffrey Nelson and Lisa Lagueras: Thank you, one and all, for putting all my thoughts and feelings into words. Thank God, I know there is still intelligent life out there. Natalie Johnson

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Whitestone: At the ripe “old age” of 93, I am still quite capable of functioning quite well! Not everybody is, of course — thus I consider myself fortunate! Reading your article “Rockin’ on at 80″ (June 18) and with him turning in what was described as an “electric” performance at a stadium in New Jersey, I believe that doing our very best as we age is certainly the way to go! Couch potatoes, get up and get moving! Leonore Brooks

Brooklyn: As epic and awesome as Sir Paul McCartney was at his concert last Thursday, at the other end of the spectrum is the utter incompetence of Coach USA. These folks advertised bus service from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to the Meadowlands. What a cluster! I was in line for the bus at the early time of 6:15 p.m. to make the scheduled 8 p.m. show. We would discover to our horror a shortage of buses. My bus finally left Port Authority at 7:50 p.m., more than an hour and a half after my arrival. I missed the first six songs. Online review: zero stars. George Corchia

Long Island City: Re “City schools vow to fix high-polluting buildings” (June 20): A fix for climate-killing and asthma-triggering fumes in city schools from the oil and gas burned in them is welcome news. But what is the fix? What the article fails to mention is that it’s time to rip out those old and outdated HVAC systems entirely because of their reliance on fossil fuels. Renewable air source and geothermal heating are the ways to go to provide clean indoor air that is warm in winter and cool in summer. Just in case the health of our children and the necessity to combat climate change are not sufficient motivators, please note that Local Law 97 is going to start limiting carbon dioxide emissions from New York City buildings, including schools, in 2024. Grace Mok

Bronx: As a retired teacher and author of “Reflections on 30 Years of Teaching in East Harlem,” I totally agree with Voicer Ed Greenspan. Kudos to his insight and suggestions concerning the dire needs of our schools. As a former dean involved with discipline, I know that no meaningful learning can happen when there is disruptive behavior in classrooms. A good school environment begins outside the school and extends into its halls and the classroom. Gilbert M. Lane

Centerport, L.I.: We are now told to accept the change of an X as a Y and a Y as an X. Then, we are told to define that as Z. Furthermore, to be fair, we are told we must accept this new alternate reality by supporting the change. If not, we are being cruelly judgmental and at fault for social rejection. As a result, to contradict this new rationale at this moment of awakening is to be considered delusional. Despite my apparent delusion, I will always say to love who you love. At least this reality gives me peace of mind. Pete Scott

Manhattan: The Stop False Police Reporting Group would like LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies to join us for Reclaim Pride’s Queer March on Sunday, June 26. We need volunteers to walk alongside us as we raise awareness about false police reporting and to show support to those from the LGTBQIA+ community that have been impacted by this type of crime. The meeting point will be on the north side of Foley Square in front of the fountain at noon. Our initiative is pushing for six provisions to be passed into law to protect individuals from false reporting. It is inspired by the lives of three individuals: Ibrahim Barrie, Tyreik Gilford and myself, and the countless other innocent people around the world who have been negatively impacted by false reporting by law enforcement and civilians. Anthony Dolci, co-founder

Totowa, N.J.: To Voicer Richard Skibins: Your entire letter is complete and utter nonsense. You’ve been watching fake news too long. President Trump opposed Vladimir Putin’s pipeline and President Biden approved it. Contrary to your opinion, America was exporting energy. We haven’t done that in a very long time. Yes, we were energy-independent. Frank Tripodi

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