Woman pinned by taxi lost leg

An Ohio tourist visiting Manhattan was due to return home the next day when she was struck by a yellow cab SUV driver and lost her leg, her anguished family told the Daily News Wednesday.

Now 48-year-old Miesha Wallace is fighting for her life at Bellevue Hospital.

Wallace was visiting from Columbus with her daughter and sister when the turning cabbie hit a passing cyclist and jumped the curb in Midtown Manhattan Monday.

“The city opened up and you want to come and enjoy the lights while you can. They were supposed to have been returning back to Ohio yesterday — and this situation happened,” the victim’s stepbrother Barry Riggins told the Daily News. “Miesha did survive the crash but her leg was amputated.”

Wallace and another woman were thrown against a wall on Broadway near W. 29th St., leaving a throng of good Samaritans struggling to lift the yellow cab and free them. They were rushed to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition.

Wallace has the kind of personality that draws people in, her stepbrother, who lives in Brooklyn, said.

“She’s incredibly wonderful and vibrant, the type of person that when she smiles, the room just lightens up and brightens up,” he said. “Everyone just wants to be in her presence.”

Riggins said the shock of the freak crash is still reverberating through the tight-knit family. His own father Benjamin Riggins had his arm severed in a crane mishap while working on a project in Manhattan’s Chinatown in November 1999 and died two days later.

“Unfortunately I’ve had to deal with stuff like this,” Riggins said. “It’s worse when it’s an actual visitor who is just coming here to have a good time and has these tragedies befall her.”

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