Houston area homeowner shares warning after AC unit was stolen

HOUSTON – A homeowner in the Shepard Forest area is warning his neighbors to be on the lookout after his AC unit was stolen in the middle of the night.

“A new unit can vary, $1,400, $1,500. Plus the install cost and the coolant that goes in it. You’re probably looking at over 2 Grand easy just for that,” said homeowner Craig Kasper.

Kasper owns a home located in the 2000 block of Ansbury Drive but rents it out.

“They came [and] basically cut the wires, cut the copper, and just hauled off the unit,” Kasper said.

He told KPRC he believes thieves may have targeted his AC unit because it’s visible from the street and not fenced in.

“I’m sure these people got a system like the catalytic converters that are being stolen,” he said. “They steal one and know what they’re doing, so it’s just unfortunate.”

Kasper has since replaced the unit but made a few modifications to the exterior of the home to try and keep it safe.


“We just extended the fence line,” Kasper said. “Just a physical barrier.”

It’s unclear what the thieves plan to do with the AC unit but experts say most time they are after the copper, platinum, and other precious metals found inside.

Experts suggest protecting your unit by:

  • Installing motions lights

  • Purchasing a custom-made steel cage

  • Fencing the unit in

  • Installing an alarm that senses when someone is messing with your outside AC or heat pump unit

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