Family finds relief by sleeping in their car after apartment complex loses power in east Houston

Hundreds of residents at the Cleme Manor Apartments in east Houston said they have been suffering from no electricity and air conditioning since Wednesday night. Residents worry over the safety of the residents having to make due in dangerously hot temperatures.

“[Wednesday] night we heard something blow out, and then after that, the lights cut out,” resident Tadisha Qua said.

The complex, located on Coke Street, has had an issue with its electricity power since Wednesday night, according to residents. Residents waited outside, slept in their cars, and were literally left in the dark Thursday night.

“I don’t care who you are. No one has business being in this heat when they’re paying bills to be out in the heat like it is today,” Curl said.

A complex with 200-some units had dozens of units, nearly half without power at some point, according to residents.

“Everyone has been without lights since 12 midnight Wednesday, up until right now,” Curl said.


Tadisha Qua and her 7-month-old baby boy slept in a car outside their apartment because of the heat.

Many said their food in the fridge has spoiled and people are having a hard time dealing with hours of no reliable electricity.

“We were sleeping in the car,” Qua said. “[My baby] is hot. He’s been fussing and been sweating. No A/C. We can’t cook or make no food.”

These residents said it is unacceptable.

“We have elderly people out here on machines. We have newborn babies here. We don’t need to be in this here!” Curl said.

“I called the office so many times,” Qua said.

CenterPoint Energy told KPRC Thursday night that it is a customer issue and said the complex needs to hire an electrician to fix the issue. Residents at the complex said that the office staff is giving them a hard time.

“Apartment has been giving us the run around,” Qua said.

“Lies! [Saying,] ‘It will be on this day and this time. It’ll be on,” Curl said.


Residents sent KPRC an email from the complex staff offering a community room for relief, but Thursday night, residents said that the community room was closed.

The email also showed that the complex would potentially reimburse residents for a hotel stay.

Residents told KPRC that they have questions about how and when that help would come.

Officials with the complex have yet to respond after multiple phone calls and attempts to contact the staff.

Residents said that the complex could do better to help residents.

“Only thing we want, we just want some answers,” Curl said.

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