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Whitestone: I’m not optimistic, but what I and many Americans who value life over guns hope for is the eventual reversal of the Heller decision (District of Columbia vs. Heller, 2008). The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment to the Constitution protects an individual’s right to keep and bear arms, unconnected with service in a militia — a complete and dramatic change from the actual words of the Second Amendment, and clearly distinct from all previous case law.

We who want strong limitations on gun rights are not holding our breaths because we know we are in a nation, distinct from all other nations, where “one nation, under God” could easily be replaced by “one nation, under the security and sanctity of guns.”

Singer-songwriter John Mellencamp recently told MSNBC host Ari Melber that the only way to change the hearts and minds of Americans in favor of the lives of people, especially kids, over guns is for the media to show the horrific mutilation caused by assault-style weapons (AR-15s). He said that videos and photos of the murdered Uvalde school kids, who were literally beheaded and so disfigured that they could not be easily identified, should be shown so that no one who sees them can forget. He compared these images to what Americans saw on TV during the Vietnam War — the bodies of teenagers torn to pieces, which helped force the end of the war. As a Vietnam veteran, I couldn’t agree with Mellencamp more. Then we can talk about the rights of Americans to have and use weapons of war. Michael J. Gorman

Bayside: This New Yorker will feel a lot safer on the streets and in the subways knowing there are more good guys carrying guns. Although it rarely makes the news, many times a day in this country, a legal gun owner prevents a crime. Margaret Dabraccio

Scarsdale, N.Y.: Am I missing something here? After all that has gone on in this country, the Supreme Court votes to loosen gun laws? This gets crazier by the day. Harvey Wielstein

Whitestone: The U.S. Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling on the Second Amendment will apparently prevent New York from enforcing most limitations on gun rights, allowing everyone (except convicted criminals and the certified insane) to carry a gun in public. I guess everyone should buy guns, go to gun ranges to get training, and carry a gun in public at all times. Now the road rage guy, the angry domestic partner and the guy whom you accidentally bump into on the street will be armed and dangerous. He/she will have a gun and you better be ready to defend yourself with a gun. Even the legendary Wild Bill Hickok, Doc Holliday and Bat Masterson wouldn’t be ready for action on the streets of New York City. Dorothy Lyons

Manhattan: Republicans like Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott have always said that it should be up to the states to decide what they teach in schools, if kids need to be vaccinated, health care mandates, taxes, drug legalization, school choice, etc., so why should it be up to the Supreme Court to decide if states should allow people to carry guns and have an abortion? Edward Drossman

Kearny, N.J.: So, as expected, the phony “states’ rights”/“pro-life” hypocrites who allow racist Republicans to make it harder for people to vote and want to tell a woman what to do with her body have now ruled that states have to allow anyone who wants to walk around with a gun to do so. New York and other advanced states should totally ignore the ruling and, paraphrasing Josef Stalin, ask: Exactly how many divisions does Clarence Thomas command? John Woodmaska

Oak Ridge, N.J.: I just want to shout out weather guy Sam Champion — thank you for not treating your audience like a bunch of second-graders like Dave Curren on News 12 New Jersey. Dave likes to use cutie words like “grumble” when referring to a rumble of thunder, and messy instead of just saying it’s gonna rain. Sam the man comes straight out with it; thanks bro! P.S. I could care less if you’re wearing sneakers. Jim Heimbuch

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Manhattan: Congratulations, Mayor Adams. You’ve managed to change everything you claimed while you were running for mayor. Simple question: How many landlords will become homeless because of the latest threat to rent-stabilization tenants? I voted for you. No way will I ever again. It doesn’t matter because the millionaires and billionaires love you and will contribute again to your next campaign. Marilyn Levin

Manhattan: Re “Adams pals with crypto execs, fights mining ban” (June 21): Has anybody noticed that cryptocurrencies are in free fall? That just means the little guys are losing their shirts, but Mayor Adams’ pals are still rolling in enough dough to support his campaign to allow dirty crypto mining in New York. Even if you’re not crypto-dubious like I am, anybody should be able to see that New York can be the center of the cryptocurrency industry without actually supporting crypto-mining that runs on fossil fuels. Without straining our current grid — another risk of crypto-mining — crypto companies could invest in renewable power for their own operations. Adams must reverse course and urge Gov. Hochul to sign the moratorium on new crypto-mining using fossil fuels. Burning more gas is the reverse of what we must do to meet our climate goals. Laurie Joan Aron

Central Islip, L.I.: Regarding the Girl Scout cookie scam (”Girl Scout cookie scammers sought on Long Island,” June 22), the Girl Scouts council said that “nothing is more disappointing than not getting your Girl Scout cookies.” Are you for real? If that’s their idea of disappointment, the council has serious issues! Thomas Sarc

Raleigh, N.C.: The Bible is full of stories of what happens to those who oppose God’s laws. What we are going through — wars, violence, riots, weather extremes, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornados and pandemics — may just be a chastisement from God for LBGTQ activity and support, transgenderism, abortion, contraception, infanticide, same-sex marriage, porn and many other sins. The followers of Jesus documented many of His teachings in “The Didache.” He taught the Way of Life and the Way of Death, and that abortion is murder and the way to Hell. I suggest looking into Pascal’s wager and whether opposing God’s laws is worth losing eternity with Him in Heaven and spending it in Hell with Satan for an eternity of pain. Joseph J. Rothengast

Dayton, Ohio: In her June 22 Daily News column (“The GOP weaponizes faith; will atheists object?”), S.E. Cupp says she is an atheist. Most American politicians claim to be Christians. Agnostics believe that the truth about God is unknowable. Many politicians calling themselves Christians are really agnostics or atheists. If they really were Christians, their behavior would not be so un-Christian. Vic Presutti

Staten Island: To Voicer Michael Guerin: If you read the Voice of the People every day, as you claim, then surely you must notice the hate-filled, ridiculous drivel that regularly pours out our right-wing neighbors (I’m looking directly at you, Voicer Bob Pascarella). Don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying the left-wingers are all well-spoken and intelligent. It’s just that the particularly egregious nonsense always seems to lean toward the right. How does the right always manage to sound so wrong? Victor R. Stanwick

Hallandale Beach, Fla.: I am stunned and heartbroken to learn about the sudden passing of Tony Siragusa. He was a special person and clearly one of the most popular players in NFL history. Tony’s larger-than-life personality made an enormous impact on both the Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens organizations and throughout the Indianapolis and Baltimore communities. On the football field, “Goose” was a difference-maker who contributed immeasurably to the success of many great defenses, including leading the Ravens to the 2000 NFL Championship at Super Bowl XXXV. My deepest prayers and sympathies go out to Kathy, their three children and the rest of the Siragusa family. Paul Bacon

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