Robin S was surprised yet happy Beyoncé sampled her for ‘Break My Soul’

Beyoncé showed her some love and ‘90s star Robin S is loving it.

The house music singer’s 1993 hit “Show Me Love” is the influence and primary sample heard on “Break My Soul,” Beyonce’s first new solo song in six years.

The upbeat single, which also includes a Big Freedia sample, dropped at midnight on Tuesday and immediately leapt to the No. 1 position on more than 20 music charts across the globe.

“It was something that was a surprise to me, a nice surprise,” Robin S told the Daily News, saying that she had no idea it was going to be sampled on the track.

The 60-year-old Queens native, whose given name is Robin Stone, is tickled that her signature song is enjoying an awakening, but said she was as shocked as everyone else to hear it. As she wasn’t the songwriter — “Show me love” was written and produced by Allen George and Fred McFarlane — her permission was not sought.

Not that she minds.

“I’m doing just as I was told years ago by Nancy Wilson, and by Bobby Womack, ‘Ride the wave, baby, ride the wave,” she said.

Robin S was signed to Big Beat/Atlantic Records when “Show Me Love” reached No. 5 on Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1993. The song was originally released in 1990 in the U.K., and has remained a house music classic over three decades later. The catchy dance track with its infectious “You’ve got to show me love” line is a staple at clubs and has been sampled on other songs.

Her son was the first person to alert her that her name was trending on social media hours after the song was released.

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The three-time Billboard dance club chart-topper said that although she had no idea “Break My Soul” – co-produced by Beyoncé, The Dream and Tricky Stewart – was in the works, “everyone did their due diligence in making sure that the galaxies were all taken care of.”

“See, a lot of people cover or do this with pieces of other people’s songs when they’re no longer here, right? I got mine while I’m still alive,” Robin S said. “That is the best compliment ever, when you get to enjoy the flowers when you’re alive.”

As the first offering from Beyonce’s forthcoming “Renaissance” opus, “Break My Soul” has received mixed reviews on social media, with some listeners criticizing the use of house music.

Robin S, now residing in Atlanta with a recently launched music licensing firm, says she knows some listeners have called Beyonce’s latest hit old-school and derivative.

“There’s always going to be chatter about things, and no one person is gonna like everything … The fact that we are able, as seasoned artists, to give something to this generation … It’s a beautiful thing,” she said.

Saying that “people take it too seriously,” Robin S added: “Music is not supposed to be that serious. It’s supposed to be to love on one another, to enjoy one another, to have good time and to understand that life is just too serious and it’s a beast as it is.

“And we just need to just let loose, let go and enjoy.”

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