Local dentist weighs on on ‘Healthy Coke’ trend

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. – If you search “healthy Coke” on the internet, you’ll get hundreds, if not thousands, of results.

A new social media trend combines sparkling water or seltzer with balsamic vinegar, with the claim it creates a healthier version of the popular soft drink.

But is it actually better for you? 

What You Need To Know

  • A TikTok trend, called the “Healthy Coke,”  combines seltzer or sparkling water with balsamic vinegar
  • Dr. Chelsea Perry said the acidity in the drink could be detrimental to your teeth, leading to cavities
  • Dr. Perry said if you decide to try it, wash your mouth out with plain water immediately afterwards to eliminate any excess acid

“Well, anytime someone’s trying to make anything a healthy version, I’m all for it,” said Dr. Chelsea Perry. “But in this particular case, adding acid to another acid just spells trouble.”

The trend took off on TikTok, with people from all over the world taking a sip.

Dr. Perry is a Doctor of Dental Medicine at Elite Dental Care in Westborough. She doesn’t use the social media platform, but said one of her staff members brought the videos to her attention.

Dr. Perry said the acidity in this trendy cocktail could have severe repercussions for your mouth.

“Acid creates little holes in your teeth and it allows cavities to begin,” Dr. Perry said. “We’re constantly telling our patients who consume a high acid diet to help neutralize that.”

Perry said to prevent cavities, chewing sugar free gum with xylitol can help. If you’re looking to cut weight or looking to cool off with a cold beverage, Dr. Perry said stick with plain old water.

“If you’re going to have something a little acidic, seltzer by itself is a little bit acidic,” Dr. Perry said. “Balsamic vinegar is very acidic, almost as bad as lemon. It’s as close to battery acid as you can get.”

If you’re looking for the next big health craze, Dr. Perry shares this advice: “Always check your sources, and if it has anything to do with dental, check the ADA’s website,” she said. “They’ll set you straight.”

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