Harris County judge charged with official oppression after allegedly unlawfully arresting former TV journalist Wayne Dolcefino

HOUSTON – Veteran former T.V. Journalist Wayne Dolcefino is calling on the state agency that investigates judicial misconduct to take disciplinary action against Harris County Judge Darrell Jordan.

Judge Jordan was indicted by a Harris County Grand Jury for official oppression after an incident involving Dolcefino two years ago.

“First, I’m glad the record has been set clear,” Dolcefino said.

In June 2020, Judge Jordan held Dolcefino in contempt of court and had him thrown in jail after accusing him of interrupting court proceedings, with Jordan claiming Dolcefino demanded to interview the judge.

New video later came out that Dolcefino had recorded with a pen camera at the time, showing the confrontation lasted only two minutes, with Dolcefino wanting to know why a request for documents wasn’t being acknowledged.

“If I didn’t have a hidden camera on me that day, Judge Jordan would not have been indicted. No one would have been able to argue about the violation of my rights that day,” Dolcefino said.


Dolcefino said he believes Jordan sentenced him to three days in jail in retaliation for investigating a Harris County commissioner and his wife, and that the judge wanted to make a spectacle out of him.

Houston attorney Brian Wice, who represented Dolcefino in his appeal, spoke in that capacity and not as KPRC 2′s Legal Analyst.

“The Court of Criminal Appeals, one of the nation’s most conservative criminal courts, held unanimously that this was payback and legally indefensible. Yesterday, a Harris County Grand Jury concluded it was criminal as well,” Wice said.

Dolcefino is on Jordan to resign and on the Judicial Conduct Commission to remove him immediately.

“It’s time for the commission to let the public know this kind of stuff won’t be tolerated,” Dolcefino said.

KPRC 2 Investigates reached out to Jordan for comment, but he declined and referred us to his attorney. We are awaiting a response.

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