Gov. Hochul could sign new gun control bill Thursday, days after Supreme Court struck down century-old law

NEW YORK — Lawmakers returned to Albany on Thursday for an emergency session called by Gov. Kathy Hochul to pass legislation to lessen the impact of the Supreme Court decision striking down the state’s century-old gun carry laws.

CBS2’s Marcia Kramer spoke to her sources in the Legislature, who said the plan is to cram a number of detailed proposals into one omnibus bill, which will limit debate time and make it possible for the governor to sign the bill into law quickly. Just how soon things get underway depends on last-minute negotiations and how long it takes to get the bill into print.

The first goal of the governor’s new gun legislation is to limit the number of places people with gun-carry permits can actually take their weapons. The governor said she has been consulting with experts to make sure her legislation can pass constitutional muster.

“Federal, state and local government buildings, health and medical facilities; places where children gather: daycare, parks, playgrounds; public transportation, subways, buses, polling places, educational institutions,” Hochul said.

“It sounds like you’re shutting off all of the public places,” one reporter said.

“I can’t shut off all places,” Hochul said. “The decision said you cannot say the entire island of Manhattan is off limits. I will go right up to the line. I will not cross the line.”

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Sources tell CBS2 lawmakers are exploring whether they can ban guns from a crowded place like Times Square, and the legislation will also allow businesses to prevent people from bringing guns into their establishments.

“The presumption is that private property owners will not want to have concealed-carry weapons on their premises, but should they decide they do, they would actually put a sign in their window — a bar, a restaurant, a gathering place, concealed-carry weapons welcome here,” Hochul said.

The law would also:

  • Bar gun permits for people people with a history of dangerous behavior
  • Require a background check for ammunition purchases
  • Update safe storage laws

Some think it’s inevitable that someone will challenge the new laws in court.

“It’s very unclear if it’s going to appease the new Supreme Court standard and it’s likely going to result in another Second Amendment constitutional crisis,” said attorney Andrew Lieb, a constitutional expert.

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Lieb says the court gave limited suggestions on where it would tolerate bans on guns.

“The three suggestions of assemblies, polling places, and courthouses, just anywhere a child is is a very broad statement, and the reason why the Supreme Court overturned New York’s prior laws, they said all of New York City, based on density, is not a sensitive place,” Lieb said.

Another open question is whether lawmakers will also try to reach agreement Thursday on a constitutional amendment relating to abortion. They were unable to reach consensus during the regular session, but the recent Supreme Court ruling has lent new urgency to the talks.

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