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Dandridge, Tenn.: Have you read the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization majority opinion by the Supreme Court? Note that Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey were not even tangentially challenged by this case.

Abandoning stare decisis in favor of whitelisting protected freedoms is extremely unusual for the court and makes it abundantly clear that the bench majority has an agenda of unraveling cherry-picked, non-taxonomical doctrine, leaving everyone to fend for themselves in the states. This is extremely dangerous, as categorical human rights protections are the only thing keeping this nation habitable for free-thinking, conscientious and compassionate people. The majority of people who approve of the Dobbs ruling are comfortable thus far with this signaled trend, knowing that it is motivated primarily to expand the controls of indoctrinated Christianity. However, if a sanctified religious practice such as the right to commit male infant circumcision were to be threatened in this way, churchgoers would take to the streets in droves to wave the flags of the 14th and Ninth Amendments. The Ninth Amendment states: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

Clarence Thomas has indicated in writing that this move was part of a concerted effort to remove additional stare decisis protections that are unfavorable to Christians (or advertised Christianity), such as gay marriage, interracial marriage, fornication, sodomy, contraception and more. This move by the religious-right high court majority signals the extremely dangerous intent to integrate church and state by proxy, allowing states to do so at their whim. This move is not only unconstitutional, it is evil. Tim J. Cummings

Staten Island: The recent decision about abortion by the Republican/Christian Supreme Court justices could be the beginning of the downfall of the Republican Party. They took an oath to uphold our Constitution and laws without their religious beliefs in mind. That oath has been broken. What is next on their agenda? I’m afraid to ask. Thomas Bell

Lake Worth, Fla.: To Voicer David DiBello, who is under the impression that “choice comes prior to conception” and that should be the end of the debate: Well, I think not. What choice does the 11-year-old have who’s raped by a sibling? What choice does the 14-year-old have who’s raped by a father or an uncle? What choice does a mother of two have whose husband walks out when she gets pregnant with their third child? If you are under the impression that women use abortion as a means of birth control, I’m sorry to tell you but you are quite mistaken. No woman makes the decision on a whim. Pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion. It means the woman has a choice. If you don’t want to have an abortion, don’t. No one is forcing you. End of debate? Honey, this is just the beginning. Judi Stern Levine

Huntington, L.I.: I keep getting phone messages from Lee Zeldin about the primary and general election. Lee, we do not fire Kathy Hochul, we unseat her. Get the terms correct before you bash your opponent. Lost my vote. Leonard Stevenson

Wellfleet, Mass.: I wasn’t surprised by the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson that President Trump tried to grab the steering wheel of his limousine and demanded that he be taken to the Capitol to join the rioters. After all, Trump thinks he can grab anything. Mike Rice

Dix Hills, L.I.: Cassidy Hutchinson, the new “Fearless Girl.” It will be interesting to see how many fearless boys there are. B. Lorge

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Howard Beach: What young child of the TV 1950s, and some of us from movies in the ‘40s, doesn’t remember the Western hero Hopalong Cassidy, who stood for truth, justice and the American way? His spirit rode into the House of Representatives on Tuesday in the form of a young woman who is the real deal. Ernest Kienzle

Manhattan: Eric Adams is the only politician who is afraid of Gov. Hochul and never faces off against the Albany “let-those-criminals-out” politicos, but after 78-year-old Rudy Giuliani is hit in the back and cursed out, Adams wants him indicted (”Rudy’s ‘false report,’ ” June 29)? Rudy made the mistake of not falling down and breaking his bones. John Brindisi

Staten Island: Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani has purported that the man who slapped him on his back tried to knock him down. Giuliani, being a lawyer, should know that an injury must occur for an assault charge to happen. You did not say immediately that you had an injury and you refused medical assistance. Get the facts straight, Rudy. I still say you are a harlequin. Jeffrey Van Pelt

Brooklyn: Brandon del Pozo’s critique of Bruen and our amicus (“How the court just hurt cops — and the communities they serve,” op-ed, June 26) is that the NYPD’s enforcement of New York’s restrictive gun law is necessary to keep us safe. Contrary to this belief, criminalizing and incarcerating people for gun possession does not increase safety. Black New Yorkers face years in prison not for shooting but simply possessing an unlicensed gun — something white people in rural areas rarely experience. They are branded violent felons, face mandatory prison sentences and suffer a lifetime of lost opportunity. Our brief explains the historic and current use of gun laws to perpetuate mass incarceration against Black people, much like the failed “war on drugs.” Del Pozo is right that our organizations will “resist arrest and prosecution as part of the solution for gun violence.” We should all resist failed and racist strategies. Our hope in filing the amicus was to remedy this inequity, and we call on Albany to do so now. Justine Olderman, executive director, Bronx Defenders, and Lisa Schreibersdorf, executive director, Brooklyn Defender Services

Ledyard, Conn.: I have an answer, not altogether new, for respecting people’s differences: If we have a moment of silence in school, at meetings or at sports events, for example, each person can choose how they wish to honor that moment. People may choose to say a silent prayer, silently pledge allegiance to the flag or just practice mindfulness. I could be wrong, but I don’t think the depth of one’s patriotism or strength of religious beliefs should be measured by whether or not one participates en masse in the Pledge of Allegiance or in prayer at school or at an event. Lisa Allen

Brooklyn: Well-intentioned and polite as he may be (and in stark contrast to his predecessor), President Biden is an underachiever as far as presidents go. The Democratic Party, also populated by slackers, apparently has not learned anything from the much more tactical and politically influential Republicans. The latter keep up a constant drumbeat of denigration, sniping, harsh criticism, lies and distortions, bullying and verbal insults against the Dems. They do these things because they are effective and work as intended. The Dems, on the other hand, largely wither under their rivals’ vitriol and rarely issue rebuttals that resound as effectively. It may already be too late for the Dems to make congressional gains in the upcoming midterm elections because of their torpor and meekness. If they’re to remain viable as purveyors of historic social progress, they need to become more strident and critical of their rivals without resorting to underhanded tactics. Stan Rosenson

Whiting, N.J.: Just spitballing here, but instead of relying on representation that promises us what we want and then regularly fails to deliver (I am talking to you, Democrats), why not have referendums on issues at the federal level? Let the will of the people prevail on abortion, guns, etc. An elected Congress (with term limits) can still exist so that said referendums can be written properly and constitutionally, as well as vote on more immediate issues and thorough vetting/approval of Supreme Court nominees (maybe I’m asking too much with that one). Let’s give some of the power back to the people and let the majority truly rule. Bill McConnell

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