A lawyer bought a 60-acre compound near Yellowstone National Park for his family of 13. Now, he’s selling it for $23.5 million — check it out.

The exterior of the mansion.Kevin Chartier

  • Nick Rowley bought a 60-acre estate in 2017 for his family to live in while they remodeled their primary home.

  • The 10-bedroom mansion is located in the Big EZ Estates gated community in Big Sky, Montana.

  • They’re ready to move back now, and Rowley wants to sell this compound for $23.5 million.

Nick Rowley bought a 60-acre estate in 2017 for his family to live in while they remodeled their original home. Now, he’s putting the estate back up for sale for $23.5 million.

The exterior of the mansion.

The exterior of the mansion.Kevin Chartier

Located in a gated community called the Big EZ Estates, the estate at 7000 Beaver Creek Road includes the primary residence, a guest house, a toy barn, and an outdoor spa building, per the listing.

The Big Sky, Montana, property offers expansive views into Yellowstone National Park, listing agent Martha Johnson with Big Sky Real Estate told Insider.

This is the first time the house has been listed for sale since 2017, listing records show.

“We bought this house to live in while we remodeled and added an addition to our original ranch, which is a mile down the road. We’re selling it now because that house is ready for us to move back in,” Rowley, a trial lawyer, told Insider.

There are 59 single-family homes for sale in Big Sky, Montana, per real-estate platform Realtor.com. Properties in the neighborhood range between $1.09 million and $23.75 million. With its $23.5 million price tag, 7000 Beaver Creek Road is the second-most expensive listing in the area.

A grand stone fireplace forms the centerpiece of the living area in the main home. Made from river rock, the floor-to-ceiling fireplace takes up an entire wall.

The living room with a stone fireplace.

The living room with a stone fireplace.Kevin Chartier

Numerous other walls, pillars, and fireplaces in the house are crafted from the same river rock, Johnson said.

“The stonemason, a true artisan, was able to repeat a bear paw design throughout the property, with larger rounder rocks used for the pad of the foot and narrower rocks used for the claws,” she added.

Rowley said this room is one of the family’s favorite parts of the house: “We love spending time reading or playing board games in the great room with a fire burning.”

The dining room comes with a table fit for a party of 14 — perfect for Rowley, his wife, and their 11 kids.

The dining room.

The dining room.Kevin Chartier

Rowley and his family currently live in the house full-time.

“My wife and I are trial lawyers and authors. We have a national trial firm, and we built a hangar in Bozeman where we keep our jet that gets us to trial,” Rowley said. The city of Bozeman is an hour’s drive from their house.

“This property is perfect for a family who likes to entertain friends, family, and business associates,” Johnson said.

The kitchen, which was recently remodeled, is fully equipped with appliances and has an island counter, Johnson said.

The kitchen

The kitchen.Kevin Chartier

The master suite is fitted with a canopy bed, two sofas, and a fireplace. Large glass windows let in plenty of natural light.

The master bedroom.

The master bedroom.Kevin Chartier

There are 10 bedrooms in the main residence, including the master suite, per the listing.

Adjacent to the main home is a three-bedroom guest house where the owner’s nanny and private chef currently live, Johnson said.

The master bathroom has a freestanding bathtub, a shower area, and a fireplace.

The master bathroom.

The master bathroom.Kevin Chartier

Source: Big Sky Real Estate

Outdoors, there’s a fire pit, as well as a sheltered dining area that’s equipped with a grill and a fireplace.

The outdoor fire pit.

The outdoor fire pit.Kevin Chartier

While the property has ample space, it cannot be used for commercial purposes due to the area’s strict zoning laws, Johnson said.

“It is zoned as a single-family residence, so it can’t be a commercial business like a bed-and-breakfast or a resort lodge,” she said. “Rentals are restricted for the privacy of all homeowners in the area.”

The outdoor playground has a trampoline, a double swing, and panoramic views of the forested hills that surround the compound.

An outdoor playground

An outdoor playground, which has a trampoline and a double swing.Kevin Chartier

“Having 60 acres in the mountains is a dream,” Rowley said. His children, who are between the ages of 2 and 25, spend a lot of time outdoors, he added. He and his wife also love watching the sun come up over the mountains at sunrise while they have their morning coffee.

The house is located in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which is home to many species of wildlife including deer, elk, moose, bears, and eagles. There are also two trout ponds on the property.

“The pond is stocked with native trout and is a wonderful place to cast a line and practice your fly fishing,” Johnson said.

The toy barn, located by the entrance of the compound, can house four sport-utility vehicles or four-wheelers, snowmobiles, and tractors, Johnson said.

The entryway and toy barn.

The entryway and toy barn.Kevin Chartier

The toy barn includes a one-bedroom apartment that currently serves as the home for the property’s caretaker, she added.

While Rowley’s putting the house on the market, he’s not going far: He owns 260 neighboring acres and has finished building a home on that land.

The outdoor hot tub.

The outdoor hot tub.Kevin Chartier

And while Rowley is ready to sell the home, he’ll only do so under the right circumstances, Johnson said: “He’s only listing the home once, and will take it off the market if it doesn’t sell soon as he expects that it will appreciate in value well beyond the asking price.”

If he does end up keeping the property, Rowley is certain his family will continue to spend time at the house.

“Our favorite part of the house is that it fits everybody,” he said. “We don’t need to sell it. We have a very large family and will certainly make use of it over the next 10 years if we end up keeping it.”

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