Caller ID trick, dealing with inflation, and the crackdown on fraudulent paper plates

Just when we think we’ve done all of the possible scam stories, another one pops up. This new trick of changing the caller ID makes it something anyone could fall for. Plus, as the price of everything seems to be going up, how much longer can we expect to pay more for everyday essentials?

Other team highlights:

  • Border security concerns after San Antonio trailer tragedy

  • Closure for families of three murdered women

  • Homeowners dealing with issues 5 years after Harvey

  • Astroworld ticket scam

Fraud plate update alert! A big update on something our team has been following for more than a year. Texas will now start fingerprinting car dealers in an effort to crack down on fraudulent paper plates.

This is huge! Beginning September 1, anyone who applies for a car dealer license in Texas must be fingerprinted and go through a thorough background check. Investigator Amy Davis has the update and you can find much more on her stories covering the issue.


Families finally get some closure

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William Lewis Reece was sentenced to life in prison this week after pleading guilty to the murders of Laura Smither, Jessica Cain, and Kelli Ann Cox. All three were murdered in 1997. This is a case Investigator Robert Arnold has been following for years. Hear from one of the victim’s grown daughters, who says she’s spent her entire life searching for her mother.

You almost can’t outsmart these crooks

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Have you ever received one of those text messages that appear to be from your bank or a retailer confirming a transfer or purchase you didn’t make? By now, you likely know those messages are usually scams. The scammer wants you to click on the link so that you will give them your financial information. But this new scheme takes it a step further. Investigator Amy Davis explains how this one works so you know how to avoid it.


San Antonio trailer tragedy

The KPRC2 News team is following the latest on the human smuggling deaths in San Antonio. You can see all of our coverage of this tragedy here including the state’s ongoing response to what Gov. Abbott calls a growing border crisis.

Inflation: How bad is it and how long will it last?

From groceries to gasoline to cars and housing, the price of just about everything is soaring out of control. We’ve shown you how to save a few extra bucks on gasoline, but as prices increase everywhere, we’re all wondering how much longer we’ll need to cope with the surge in prices.

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Investigator Bill Spencer is looking into the growing inflation rate and how many years we can expect it will take for prices to get back to normal.


Other weekly highlights

  • Warning about fake Astros tickets – One Magnolia family hoped they would be there in person cheering on the Astros and celebrating their son’s birthday, but the mom reached out to KPRC 2 with a buyer beware.

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