Local law student inspired by Justice Jackson appointment

It only takes seconds to make history, but sometimes those historical seconds can mean the world to people like Logan Jackson.

“Honestly, it’s beautiful to witness this,” said Jackson, a third-year Stetson Law School student.

What You Need To Know

  •  Logan Jackson is a third-year Stetson Law School student
  •  She says that as an aspiring Black attorney, watching Ketanji Jackson being sworn in as the Supreme Court’s first Black justice was “beautiful to witness”
  • She is currently interning at the Domingos Law Firm

She said seeing Ketanji Jackson (no relation) sworn in Thursday to the highest court in the land, teaches her something that she could never learned in law school.

“It motivates me to continue to reach higher heights within my legal career and to know that the sky’s the limit,” she said. “Particularly for me just to be in law school at this time and to witness this, it’s what’s motivating me to get through my final year of law school.”

Over the summer, as an aspiring Black female attorney, Jackson is interning at the Domingos Law Firm, under a current Black female attorney Bridgette Domingos, who said she can’t help but be just as inspired by Justice Jackson’s appointment to the High Court too.

“When I think of moments like this, if I’m being honest with you, not only are they historic,” she said. “But they’re really just powerful for people like me who, before I went to law school, I had never seen another Black attorney in my life. And so representation does matter.”

Just as it matters to Domingos to surround herself with inspiring legal minds like Jackson’s.

“I know here at this firm we’re committed to every single semester,” she said. “We’ve committed to the law school to have a student of color as an intern, a paid intern, not just getting experience, but also getting the monetary value out of it too.”

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