N.Y. State Senate Passes New Bill to Restrict Concealed Guns

And it would require New Yorkers who seek concealed-carry permits to go through 16 hours of training on how to handle a handgun, two hours of firing-range training, an in-person interview and a written exam.

Representative Lee Zeldin of Long Island, the Republican nominee for governor, had previously spoken out against creating gun-free zones.

“If you’re going to identify a location, and you’re going to tell the criminal that at that location there will be no law-abiding New Yorkers who will be safely and securely carrying a firearm in their defense, you are putting the safety of other people at that location at risk,” Mr. Zeldin said at a news conference in Buffalo on Thursday.

Under the previous law, New Yorkers were required to show that they had “proper cause” to obtain a permit, that they were at least 21 years old, that they had no felony or serious offense convictions and that they had “good moral character.”

They also needed to show that they had a heightened need for self-protection.

Under the gun bill, carrying a weapon in a prohibited area would amount to a felony punishable by up to four years in prison. But the legislation would not apply to properly licensed security guards at work, former military members or retired law enforcements officials.

“I want to make sure that we’ve done everything we can to protect the citizens of this state,” Ms. Hochul said at a news conference on Wednesday, a day after winning the Democratic primary for governor.

She said that the expansive list of places where guns would be banned was crafted to reassure New Yorkers “that when they go there to gather, work, places of worship, polling places and larger gathering spaces, they don’t need to worry about someone being right there next to them having a weapon.”

Nicholas Fandos, Jonah E. Bromwich and Tracey Tully contributed reporting.

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