UK blocks University of Manchester sensor deal with Chinese company

These do not output raw images, the university’s webpage says, but perform their own computations, delivering…

China ride-hailing giant Didi fined $1.2bn after probe

The country’s cyber security watchdog launched a probe into the firm just days after its US…

Baidu unveils new self-driving taxi in China

Baidu says its latest robo-taxi has the road skills of a driver with 20 years’ experience.…

Heatwave forced Google and Oracle to shut down computers

Record temperatures meant some cooling systems failed at the firm’s London data centres. Source link

US seizes stolen funds from suspected North Korean hackers

The Department of Justice has already returned ransom payments to two hospitals. Source link

Apple settles US butterfly-keyboard legal action for $50m

Apple will pay $50m (£41.6m) over claims its laptop keyboards were unresponsive and unreliable. Source link

Why record heat doesn’t mean record solar power

“It’s because of this balance between irradiance and temperature that the record for peak half-hourly generation…

Apple sued over Apple Pay payment system

According to the complaint, Apple “coerces” consumers who use its smartphones, smart watches and tablets into…

Amazon targets 10,000 fake review Facebook groups

The groups were offering refunds for products purchased on Amazon once reviews had been posted. Source…

Anti-drone laser weapon hub to be created in Scotland

Defence giant Raytheon plans a centre of excellence in high-energy laser weapons in Livingston. Source link